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Planning for a wedding is very troublesome – from the proposal day until the marriage day itself, it takes a lot of time and we need to go through a long process. To smoothen the process, we can always have a checklist together with us.



To have a proper wedding, we need to plan ahead. Let’s say 9 months ahead! Within the 9 months there are so many things for us to prepare and each detail must not be taken lightly. According to the wedding planning expert, RealSimple.com, the first 3 months (9 months – 7 months before) consists of several simple detail like working out with your budget, planning the guest list, reserve your date & venue, pre-wedding photo shooting.



For the second 3 months (6 months – 4 months before), this is where you should start doing things that require some planning, allocation & long consideration. Based on the information from MagnetStreet.com, the wedding planner specialist, things like planning for your makeup specialist, discussion for wedding ceremony details, planning for your wedding hall decoration, finalizing guest list, planning for hall seating, choosing wedding attire, selecting your wedding entertainment & preparation of wedding ceremony.



Things get even more intense for the last 3 months (3 months – 1 month before). Your wedding day is getting nearer. APracticalWedding.com, the professional wedding planner stated that we should focus on things that are closer to the event day itself. You should not miss out things like sending wedding invitations to your guests, renting photo booth for guests’ entertainment, final marriage rehearsal, double check with the wedding dinner details.


By following the checklist above, you can smoothen your wedding plan easily. Speaking of photo booth, if you’re looking for a fun entertainment for your wedding guests on the wedding day, you can look for photo booth rental from us now!