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Everybody loves birthday party! No matter if you are a kid or adult, having someone to celebrate your birthday is something you should appreciate and be thankful of. Having to say that, everyone deserves a cool birthday party at least once in a lifetime – no matter if you are a kid or adult. What you need to bear in mind while planning for a cool birthday party is that, the unique and fun factors must be there.



While deciding the fun factor for the birthday party, let’s not forget about the birthday theme as well! According to MarthaStewart.com, the birthday party planning 101 guide, we need to pretty much decide on the birthday party theme first. Theme is important because it can uplift the mood of the attendees. The dress code, food, games and decorations should be stick towards the theme to make the birthday party memorable, fun and cool.



A successful birthday party does not only lie on the theme itself, but most importantly the food that you will be serving! Majority of the time, expect your guests to be wandering around the food area because that’s the main purpose (or at least one of the purposes) that they attend the birthday party. Based on the birthday party tips from ScJohnson.com, you need to decide on whether to make the food yourself or order catering service, if so don’t forget to prepare your menu according to the birthday theme!



While organizing for the birthday party, let’s not forget about the entertainment. The guests would be expecting more than just the food. GenevaFamilyDiaries.net suggested that if you’re catering the birthday party for kids, always go for shows or performance – kids love them! If you’re catering for adults then perhaps something like lucky draw or magic shows would be much fitting. Other than that you could always hire a photo booth and let the guests to take pictures and have fun among themselves!



We hope that the above ideas give you some ideas on how to organize a fun and memorable birthday party. Speaking of photo booth, if you are looking for photo booth rental to add entertainment value in your event, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Contact us now for more information!