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Renting a photo booth can be quite the fun event changer. That’s why you should aim to get the most joy out of the experience & remember that a photo booth is part of the entertainment, not a separate entity altogether. These tips will help you make the photo booth as entertaining as possible for your guests and yourself, hence allowing your guests to take as many pictures possible thanks to the unlimited prints!

1. Careful Floor Planning
Put it close to the action. Don’t stick your photo booth in the foyer if you don’t have to. Fun is contagious, why not put it with the rest of the party? One of the best locations is across from the dance floor if you’re also having a DJ.

Just remember, if the period of time you have rented the booth is shorter than the party, they will have to set it up and/or break it down in full view of your guests. Make sure the set up and break down times don’t conflict with scheduled events, such as speech or toast time.

2. Funky Ditzy Props
Use props! Even if your event is an elegant, black tie affair, you simply must use props in your photo booth. Your guests will have so much more fun using silly hats, glasses and boas. Props also encourage people to use the booth more than once per evening.

If you want to get people to come back over and over, the props are the best way to do it. Here’s a tip if you still think your event is too fancy for props: Hide the props until the last hour of the photo booth rental. This will give everyone a chance to have nice pictures taken in their tuxedos and evening gowns, then they’ll be back for more when you take out the props.

3. Guest Book
Make a memory book. Many photo booth companies can provide a book, or you may do it yourself. You will want to ask the rental company if their booth will automatically do double prints so your guests keep a copy, and another copy can be put in the memory book.

Provide some pens and have your guests sign in next to their photos. Another fun thing to do is to buy stickers that look like speech bubbles. People can put silly comments in the speech bubbles. The bottom line is, people can be quite creative. The more creative options you give them, the more they will come back to use the booth.

We hope these three tips help you in getting the most fun out of your photo booth rental. We know we’d like to give the most to our clients too. If you’re wondering where you can get photo booth rentals in Malaysia, we are your trusted photo booth provider! Contact us today to get your own event changer and entertainment at Charming Photo Booth.

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