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1. How does Charming Photo Booth work?

Gather a few friends or family or even just yourself. Choose some props (make sure they are viewable from the waist up). Step into the photo booth set up and pose in front of the camera. Don’t forget to collect your pictures at our collection table where we print your pictures instantly!

2. What is the maximum number of people inside a photo booth?

It usually depends on how you arrange yourselves into places. Our photo booth best fits about 5 adults. However you can fit up to 6 – 8 maximum (adults) on one shot if the positioning is right. For children, we can certainly fit more.

3. Is there any formats, sizes or layouts that I can choose for the prints?

We provide 2 different formats and sizes of prints. 4R print size (4” x 6”) and Photo Strip style size (2” x 6”). Photo layout design service is offered for FREE. Be creative and personalise a photo layout using various logos, patterns, pictures and more.

4. I need a backdrop that’ll represent my event, does Charming Photo Booth offer backdrop customisation services?

Charming Photo Booth team are ready to customise your backdrops at all times. There will be extra charges of RM 400 for design and printing.

5. Is there a deadline to confirm final designs of customised photo layouts and backdrops?

Preferably 2 weeks before the date of the event, in order for us to 100% prepare photo layouts and backdrops.

6. How is the quality of the printed photos?

You can expect highly because we use high quality photo paper along with specialised formula pigment inks that helps to make the colour of your pictures last longer and more vibrant.

7. Can my guests decide what kind of photo gift or souvenir items they want from the photo booth?

Sorry. As the renter, only you can decide on the photo layout design and what to do with the photos.

8. How many photos are included in my photo booth rental package?

Our package is based on hour, with unlimited quantity of photo shoots and approximately 180 pieces of printed photos during the three hours of photo booth rental.

9. How can my guests receive a copy of their pictures after the event is over?

We will upload your photos to our website and Facebook page in 1 – 2 days. You can view and download the pictures and also share your photos with your social media friends.  If you feel uncomfortable with your pictures being on the internet, you may request for us to remove the photos or set a password to view it.

10. How many days before the event should I call to make reservations and bookings?

Once you have a confirmed date, time and venue of your event, you can then contact us ASAP.  Our team will do our best to ensure our attendance at your event.

11. What is the procedure for bookings?

To rent a photo booth for your event, please fill in the form here: Online Booking Form. After receiving your Booking Form, our friendly staff will contact you in 1 – 2 days to present our quotation. If everything is agreeable, we will require a signed “Rental Agreement” and non-refundable 50% reservation fee. Balance 50% will be paid in 14 days before the event. Payment can be made via cash, cheque or online transfer.

12. How many hours is the photo booth rental?

Usually we need one separate hour to set up the photo booth area, plus three hours of photo shooting session. So overall four hours.

Our team will arrive at your event venue at least 2 hours before the event start. Please inform us one week before your event if you want us to set up earlier than that.

13. I don’t think the 3 hours photo booth rental package is enough, can I book for longer?

Absolutely! For additional photo shooting session period (after exceed 3 hours), we charge RM400/hour for unlimited photo shoots.

14. Can I extend an hour for the photo booth rental?

Yes. You can inform our photographer or on-site crew before the end of the original schedule. We charge RM400/hour for unlimited photo shoots.

15. There are slight problems with the event, can I cancel or postponed the booking?

If the event is either postponed or cancelled at least 30 days before your event, your deposit will be hold for you to change to other date and time. Any postponement or cancellations made 7 days before your event may result in a forfeiture of your down payment.

16. My event will be held outdoors, can your team set up an outdoor photo booth?

Yes. But under specific conditions, such as protection from the elements, sufficient electrical supply, enough space etc.

17. What is the space size and electricity that I need to provide for your photo booth set up?

Please prepare at least 2.5m x 3m space for the photo shooting area. Also, please allow additional space for your guests to gather. Our booth requires a dedicated 220V outlet within 10′ of the photo booth.

BE SURE TO PROVIDE CLEAN POWER, not shared with any high-drain equipment, such as amplifiers, refrigerators, neon lights or other items that require heavy electrical usage.

18. What happens if there is a mechanical problem with the photo booth?

Not to worry. Our team is very professional, experienced and extremely reliable. We will make sure there are no mishaps.

19. My event is outside of the Klang Valley area.

Additional transportation charges apply to locations outside of Klang Valley.

20. Oops, you have a question that is not answered here, how to get in touch with us?

We will be very happy to talk to you! Do not hesitate to contact us at: +6019.3233.868